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As a child, it was one of my greatest delights to visit my grandparents in the spring when the whip-poor-wills began to call. Grandma and Grandpa lived in a remote valley of the Ozark Mountains where there were trees a plenty, and, seemingly, a whip-poor-will, or two, in each one.
My grandmother insisted that a whip-poor-will's call was not "whip-poor-will," but instead, "chip-butter-white-oak." I would listen really hard trying to hear it exactly as she said it was, but all I could hear was "whip-poor-will, whip-poor-will,..." But, I never let on to her.
I remember my grandpa watching and listening, with an amused look on his face, to one of these listening sessions. Shortly after that he began to call me, just for fun, "Chip Butter." It is a name I am proud to wear for I still love to hear that long, lonesome call on a warm summer's eve. And, sometimes, when I listen really, really hard, it seems I can hear quite clearly, "chip-butter-white-oak, chip-butter-white-oak..."

Sunday, March 17, 2013


An old photograph?  No, just some camera fun and a little unfinished doll.  She only has features of pencil lead and wears a piece of fabric wrapped around her shoulders, but she is already making her sweet little presence felt around the sewing room.


  1. Her face is lovely and serene, you are such a tease!

  2. Mary, she's lovely! Perfect little nose and eyes! She looks complete, really! Wish I could be a fly on your sewing room wall for lessons in making dolls and in photography.

  3. You can see she's going to be special since even now she's beautiful!

  4. It does look like an old photo! She will be lovely when you are finished!