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As a child, it was one of my greatest delights to visit my grandparents in the spring when the whip-poor-wills began to call. Grandma and Grandpa lived in a remote valley of the Ozark Mountains where there were trees a plenty, and, seemingly, a whip-poor-will, or two, in each one.
My grandmother insisted that a whip-poor-will's call was not "whip-poor-will," but instead, "chip-butter-white-oak." I would listen really hard trying to hear it exactly as she said it was, but all I could hear was "whip-poor-will, whip-poor-will,..." But, I never let on to her.
I remember my grandpa watching and listening, with an amused look on his face, to one of these listening sessions. Shortly after that he began to call me, just for fun, "Chip Butter." It is a name I am proud to wear for I still love to hear that long, lonesome call on a warm summer's eve. And, sometimes, when I listen really, really hard, it seems I can hear quite clearly, "chip-butter-white-oak, chip-butter-white-oak..."

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Winter Comes Calling...

Our back yard

Walden Pond 

Headin' In

This ain't Montana


  1. Poor cows. Looks like you got a bit more ice than we died. We got about 1/4 in of ice and about 7 inches of snow. We didn't lose power, amazingly. It sure is beautiful, but can be so destructive. Hope your 36 hours without power wasn't too bad. I have vowed to do some of the projects that I have stashed away. It's as though I think they will stop making fabric all together, so I better stock up! I have 3 of my own dolls that desperately need clothing. Let it snow and I'll stay in by the fire.

  2. Beautiful country. It's pretty snowing, but the cows don't look to happy. I hope it wasn't to hard on everybody including the animals. My husband asked what did the cows do when it is like this, but I'm sure that they are you know what to do. Your home is pretty and so much open space and a pond. How wonderful.

  3. Beautiful photos....love the top one with the fence dripping with ice.

  4. How did I miss this post? We did live in Montana, and I used to wonder about the cattle, standing out there so stoically in the deep snow. Your cattle there look ready to get in out of the ice, though. Your backyard? What a view!

  5. thank you for finding me and leaving a comment. Your dolls are amazing. The thing I like about blogging is the connection to people in places I will never go and your photos certainly give me an insight into your world.

  6. Love that we have a pond connection! Such beautiful snowy photos and your dolls are wonderful.