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As a child, it was one of my greatest delights to visit my grandparents in the spring when the whip-poor-wills began to call. Grandma and Grandpa lived in a remote valley of the Ozark Mountains where there were trees a plenty, and, seemingly, a whip-poor-will, or two, in each one.
My grandmother insisted that a whip-poor-will's call was not "whip-poor-will," but instead, "chip-butter-white-oak." I would listen really hard trying to hear it exactly as she said it was, but all I could hear was "whip-poor-will, whip-poor-will,..." But, I never let on to her.
I remember my grandpa watching and listening, with an amused look on his face, to one of these listening sessions. Shortly after that he began to call me, just for fun, "Chip Butter." It is a name I am proud to wear for I still love to hear that long, lonesome call on a warm summer's eve. And, sometimes, when I listen really, really hard, it seems I can hear quite clearly, "chip-butter-white-oak, chip-butter-white-oak..."

Thursday, March 20, 2014

"To go, please"...

Ever so often, when we go into town, we order a lunch "to go" and drive about a mile out of town to the river to dine out.  Through Oklahoma and Arkansas, dams artificially deepen and widen this otherwise modest sized river to build it into a commercially navigable body of water. (completed in 1971)  The river is now a series of reservoirs, and sustains commercial barge traffic and offers passenger and recreational use. (Thanks Wikipedia)  There is always something interesting to see...boats, barges, and many, many birds of both land and water.  On our last visit we encountered a pair of Canadian geese, who seemed to be out for a stroll in the park on a beautiful day.

Watching us, he/she may be thinking, "There is always something interesting to see."

Polka Dot Tail seemed to want in on the action too.

Oops, I may be getting a bit too close.

Time to take wing...

And head out over water....

And, away we go...



  1. Its always entertaining to have guests at dinner.
    Right now the migrating flocks of them along with snow geese are flying over my house on the way north to mate and raise their young.
    They are magnificent birds in flight forming their famous V shape and honking in unison as they travel...
    Enjoy your first day of Spring.
    Susan x

    1. These geese are local residents and don't migrate. A flock of giant Canadian geese was established here some thirty years ago, which has now grown to huge numbers. The geese aren't very popular with their people neighbors because of destruction to farm crops and lawns, and because of contamination of water sources, etc. My grandson and I used to scare them up from the pond just to see and hear all the commotion, especially the honking.

  2. These are beautiful pictures! Must be a nice place to have lunch.

    1. It is a nice change, once in a while; quiet and peaceful.

  3. Probably wanted some of your lunch! :~)

    1. That's exactly what I thought. People probably throw their scraps out around the camp grounds.

  4. We love to see the big birds. there are a lot of big geese here an small ducks too. We live on a big lake and of course you see lots of birds and turtles and such. Your birdies are beautiful and your lunch spot is wonderful. I imagine you toss them a few bits, it's hard not to feed the birds,

    1. Martha, I so enjoyed your blog post about your home on the lake. I wondered then how you managed to get so much work done with so much beauty all around. I think my work might take a back seat.

  5. Your pictures are beautiful!!!!

    It is sooo nice to see signs of spring!!! I used to LOVE snow and snow days at home. . . but I think this winter dimmed that view of the beauty of snow and ice. . . at least until it is 100+ degrees this summer :-D

    My phone chimed with a reminder last Saturday morning telling me to put out my hummingbird feeders! I remembered that you told me March 15th was the day. . . butI looked out at the cold, gray day and the forecast for freezing temperatures Sunday night and I just couldn't do it :-( I will hang them this weekend and hope for the best :-)

    1. DF, spring came earlier last year, so we are having to make adjustments this year in feeding schedules for the hummingbirds. I checked the migration map, as you suggested, and it shows them in the southern part of the state. The trail blazers may be here shortly! And, I don't even have a sweet batch boiled and ready.

  6. Love your pictures
    you reminded me
    about my hummingbird feeders.
    Spring arrived
    quickly :)
    thank goodness...

  7. He's a beautiful bird. Can't wait for some warm weather here! I'm ready to get out and about in the woods and feel some warm sun on my face!

  8. Mary I love your picnic spot. Geese for us is a sign of spring. When we see the geese flying over head we know that warmer weather is here to stay. We are finally having spring like weather but no sign of the geese yet. Hopefully soon.
    Thanks for sharing your picnic scenery with us. I'Ll share one of mine favorite picnic spots as soon as I am able.
    Happy early spring you blessed woman you.